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The college requires that you sign a field trip form for our trip. But I need to turn it in before we go.

Today or tomorrow you *need* to go to the J Department office and ask Jodee (the secretary) for our field trip form. You need to print your name, sign your name, and put your OASIS ID.

I have to turn it in on MONDAY, so make sure you sign on THURSDAY or FRIDAY!!


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Motorola: The Planning Thread

As promised, here is the planning thread for Motorola. Some logistics:

We need to be there by 4:00. I think that means leaving the front of 33 E Congress at 3:15.

There are 13 of us total. That means three cars. I will drive one, so that leaves two cars needed.

If you are in a until 3:20 and would like for me to drop your teacher an e-mail, please e-mail me ASAP: If you have a test or otherwise can’t get out of it, let me know ASAP. You will not have this absence count against you.

We will be at Motorola until 5:30, I expect that that will give enough time to return for 6:30 classes.

This is an awesome opportunity. Let’s make it happen!

Please put your availability and whether or not you can drive in the comments of this post!

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WBEZ: where we’re going, what we’re doing

It is on for this Wednesday at WBEZ.

WBEZ is located on Navy Pier. Plan on meeting NO LATER than 3:50. We will meet just inside the main doors of the Pier:

You should bring your presentation & walkthrough on a flash drive. TEST IT BEFOREHAND, so you are sure that it works and that it copied over correctly.

I will be bringing a Mac laptop, and they will have a PC. If you could let me know in advance (like in the comments here) what software you used for your presentation, that would be great.

See you there!

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iPhone UI elements to use

some very basic interface elements

photoshop goodness

illustrator goodness


more photoshop

Want to look for more? Here’s a quick link to the Google Search.

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group collaboration tools

the google suite
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Sites

the social networks

collaboration-focused tools

one last one

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Your work for *next* week

For next week you need to do further testing on paper prototypes until they work “right.” Then build a hi-rez prototype that adds more detail and interactive functionality. This can be done using the tool of your choice.

In addition, you will need to propose a larger mobile strategy and talk about how your prototype fits into that larger strategy.

You will be giving a walkthrough of this prototype as part of a larger presentation next week. That presentation also entails:

at least two slides introducing your mobile strategy and explaining the prototype’s role in it. Slides work better without too much text!

a five minute presentation that:
1) explains the mobile strategy clearly and succinctly.
2) talks a bit about the insights that lead to this strategy.
3) introduces the hi-rez prototype, in a walkthrough.

In addition to this presentation, you will also turn in, both to the WBEZ folks and to me, a written report, of around 800 words that:

1) explains in detail the mobile strategy:
–what does it set out to accomplish?
–how does it engage users?
–what is the end goal?

2) steps through the process for arriving at this idea: what were the insights that you gained from observations? How did they drive the development?

3) Mentions things learned from the prototyping & testing process

4) Gives a narrative walkthrough of the prototype: be specific and include detail: who is the user? what are they trying to accomplish? what is the experience like?

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Brainstorming board captures

All the boards from today’s brainstorming session are up on Flickr here. Click through to see them. Use them to help concept your paper prototype.

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Your paper prototype documentation

You need to test your paper prototypes at least twice. Make refinements between the testing process (and during!). Document these testing sessions:

200 words on test one & 200 words on test two:
What did you set out to test (i.e. what is your thing?)
What did each test reveal?
What did you change after each test?

Photo documentation (upload to <a href=""Flickr) or EVEN BETTER: video, uploaded to YouTube.

Include links to your documentation and the report itself in the comments of this post.

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Readings, links + reactions for 10-7-09


A mobile connection for the Hispanic community
Urban Architects: How Mobile Changes the City

CNN introduces $1.99 iPhone app
Distributing films on the iPhone
Starbucks introduces mobile commerce

A great overview of paper prototyping
Some good tips for prototyping
Why low-fi prototyping kicks ass
A shorthand for designing UI flows

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lecture links 9-30-09

Public Radio Player explained:


Paper Prototyping Examples:

A basic paper prototype:

An iPhone-specific prototype:

OK, really, this is JUST PLAIN AWESOME:

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class documents

other mobile news