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Don’t forget: out front tomorrow!

We’re meeting at exactly 3:30 out front of the 33 E Congress building. If it’s raining we’ll meet just inside the lobby.

We’ll be taking the El to EveryBlock. Be sure you’ve visited the site and thought about a number of good and engaging questions for them. This will be a great visit, made better by your participation!


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UPDATED: For class 11-11-09

We’ll be joined via Skype by Stephen Hood, one of the founders of BlockChalk, a geolocational site that promises to be “the voice of your neighborhood.” BlockChalk takes an innovative, mapless approach to geolocation and will be a great addition to our talk tomorrow. Please familiarize yourself with their site:

UPDATE: We will also be joined by Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, the founder of the Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser. Please familiarize yourself with this powerful tool as well:

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Your Mobile Blog. Link it up

Get set up on Posterous. It’s so easy.

Please paste a link to your new mobile blog here. Give a quick two-sentence description of what its topic is. Here’s an example, which happens to be mine:

Scenes from a Commute: a photo blog documenting the daily commute from home to downtown through two photos: one for Inbound commuting and one for Outbound.

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