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Final Projects: Expectations for Next Week

You will be turning in your final projects next week. If you’re building a site, map, etc, please link the URL in the comments on this entry. If it’s a hi-rez prototype or something else that exists offline, bring in the finished work to class. We will transfer it to the projector computer.

In addition to your project, be prepared to talk for 5 minutes about your project. Walk us through it, talk about your approach, your strategy, etc. Prepare slides to accompany your presentation.

And, your final project should be accompanied by a 500 word report documenting the concept and the implementation, including trouble spots, and ideas on how to grow the idea outside of class deadlines. This will be turned in in class.


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Final Project Troubleshooting

Got problems? Questions? Ask here!!

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Final Project Q&A space

Ask away!!

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Mapping links for today

Today we’ll be doing both mobile reporting and building a database-driven map. We’ll use a few different tools to pull this off. I have linked to all of them, though for this assignment, the heavy lifting of hooking bits and pieces up is done already. This is entirely something you could do yourself for other projects.

These two are the bare minimum to get started (obviously, to do this on your own you’ll need a Google Docs account as well, but we’ll all share a spreadsheet):
Creating a custom map from a Google Spreadsheet
Get lat & long coordinates for addresses.

Then you’ll need a few different things to embed various content into the map: to collect all the mobile reports, and to embed audio
Photobucket: Free image hosting & editing–to resizing and hosting images
YouTube: For hosting and embedding video.

The site that we’ll all share for today’s map is:
The Google Spreadsheet we’ll be working with is here (but you’ve all been invited as editors)
You can see the actual map as it progresses at:

In addition to our work on the map in class today, continue to add to the data points. You are responsible for reporting and listing 15 additional points by next Wednesday. We should have a *huge* map by then. Go for diversity of location, people, media, and opinions.

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your maps go here

Stick ’em in the comments.

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The college requires that you sign a field trip form for our trip. But I need to turn it in before we go.

Today or tomorrow you *need* to go to the J Department office and ask Jodee (the secretary) for our field trip form. You need to print your name, sign your name, and put your OASIS ID.

I have to turn it in on MONDAY, so make sure you sign on THURSDAY or FRIDAY!!

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Motorola: The Planning Thread

As promised, here is the planning thread for Motorola. Some logistics:

We need to be there by 4:00. I think that means leaving the front of 33 E Congress at 3:15.

There are 13 of us total. That means three cars. I will drive one, so that leaves two cars needed.

If you are in a until 3:20 and would like for me to drop your teacher an e-mail, please e-mail me ASAP: If you have a test or otherwise can’t get out of it, let me know ASAP. You will not have this absence count against you.

We will be at Motorola until 5:30, I expect that that will give enough time to return for 6:30 classes.

This is an awesome opportunity. Let’s make it happen!

Please put your availability and whether or not you can drive in the comments of this post!

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WBEZ: where we’re going, what we’re doing

It is on for this Wednesday at WBEZ.

WBEZ is located on Navy Pier. Plan on meeting NO LATER than 3:50. We will meet just inside the main doors of the Pier:

You should bring your presentation & walkthrough on a flash drive. TEST IT BEFOREHAND, so you are sure that it works and that it copied over correctly.

I will be bringing a Mac laptop, and they will have a PC. If you could let me know in advance (like in the comments here) what software you used for your presentation, that would be great.

See you there!

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iPhone UI elements to use

some very basic interface elements

photoshop goodness

illustrator goodness


more photoshop

Want to look for more? Here’s a quick link to the Google Search.

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group collaboration tools

the google suite
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Sites

the social networks

collaboration-focused tools

one last one

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class documents

other mobile news