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Final Projects: Expectations for Next Week

You will be turning in your final projects next week. If you’re building a site, map, etc, please link the URL in the comments on this entry. If it’s a hi-rez prototype or something else that exists offline, bring in the finished work to class. We will transfer it to the projector computer.

In addition to your project, be prepared to talk for 5 minutes about your project. Walk us through it, talk about your approach, your strategy, etc. Prepare slides to accompany your presentation.

And, your final project should be accompanied by a 500 word report documenting the concept and the implementation, including trouble spots, and ideas on how to grow the idea outside of class deadlines. This will be turned in in class.


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  1. Ashley McHale says:
    My mobile blog I don’t know why they link on the blog roll didn’t work.

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