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Mapping links for today

Today we’ll be doing both mobile reporting and building a database-driven map. We’ll use a few different tools to pull this off. I have linked to all of them, though for this assignment, the heavy lifting of hooking bits and pieces up is done already. This is entirely something you could do yourself for other projects.

These two are the bare minimum to get started (obviously, to do this on your own you’ll need a Google Docs account as well, but we’ll all share a spreadsheet):
Creating a custom map from a Google Spreadsheet
Get lat & long coordinates for addresses.

Then you’ll need a few different things to embed various content into the map: to collect all the mobile reports, and to embed audio
Photobucket: Free image hosting & editing–to resizing and hosting images
YouTube: For hosting and embedding video.

The site that we’ll all share for today’s map is:
The Google Spreadsheet we’ll be working with is here (but you’ve all been invited as editors)
You can see the actual map as it progresses at:

In addition to our work on the map in class today, continue to add to the data points. You are responsible for reporting and listing 15 additional points by next Wednesday. We should have a *huge* map by then. Go for diversity of location, people, media, and opinions.


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