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lecture links 10-28-09

Google Latitude plays with geolocation

How GPS works

Google Maps

Very good help for My Maps


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7 Responses

  1. Tim Young says:


    I uploaded my photos into google picasa. I can’t get them loaded for my picture in google maps. I followed the directions from the links you posted.

  2. sinker says:

    What’s your picasa album?

  3. Ashley McHale says:

    Can you clarifly the instructions for the map, how many locations are we supposed to have?

  4. sinker says:

    This was all written on the board last week. Four hours before class… GULP!

    1) At least 10 data points.
    2) At least 5 of those include some form of multimedia content: video, photos, etc–these need to be original to you, not from elsewhere on the web.
    3) Work within the constraints of JOURNALISM–i.e. move outside the realm of YOU and into the realm of USEFUL TO OTHER PEOPLE.
    4) Be awesome.

  5. Nick Orichuia says:

    Are we supposed to put up a link to our map? If so, should we just add it here?

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