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The college requires that you sign a field trip form for our trip. But I need to turn it in before we go.

Today or tomorrow you *need* to go to the J Department office and ask Jodee (the secretary) for our field trip form. You need to print your name, sign your name, and put your OASIS ID.

I have to turn it in on MONDAY, so make sure you sign on THURSDAY or FRIDAY!!


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  1. Will stop by this morning and sign all the necessary paperwork

  2. Keri Morgan says:

    I am in class until 320 and I don’t think it is something I can leave early because the class has no outside work. It is a television class where all we do is on camera taping during class time so our sole grade is based on being there and participation in these tapings. I also would not be able to have the sheet signed by Monday because I do not live near Columbia to just run over there and fill it out..

  3. I can go on the field trip and can sign the permission slip monday morning since I have morning classes in the Congress building.

  4. Tim Young says:

    I can’t get down to school until Wednesday morning. I don’t live anywhere near Columbia.

  5. sinker says:

    Keri, I understand and have you marked as excused absent for the day.

    Tim, we spoke on the phone and I’ve got you covered.

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