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Readings, links + reactions for 10-7-09


A mobile connection for the Hispanic community
Urban Architects: How Mobile Changes the City

CNN introduces $1.99 iPhone app
Distributing films on the iPhone
Starbucks introduces mobile commerce

A great overview of paper prototyping
Some good tips for prototyping
Why low-fi prototyping kicks ass
A shorthand for designing UI flows


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8 Responses

  1. Tim Young says:

    There is a lot of good information is these readings from a few different topics. I was surprised to find out that Hispanics use the data devices more than any other group. Especially shocked when the reading said only one-third of whites use it.

    I think the CNN iPhone app looks amazing and easy to use and the the Starbucks app is creative, simple interesting. I think the Starbucks apps could be used as a format for other things. The app that refills the Starbucks card could be the start of using the iPhone similarly to how they use them in Japan.

    The protoype readings were informative and, if I had any artistic ability, would help me create a fancy prototype of my mobile idea, but I do not.

  2. Regarding CNN’s iPhone app — I’d say Mashable is correct in that the most innovate feature on the app is iReport. It’s actually a bit surprising to me that no other news major source (that I’m aware of) will allow the user to upload content to its site. (Most citizen journalism websites are strictly for user submitted content.) CNN goes one step further and actually shows the clips on TV once a month.

  3. danielzarick says:

    “…it’s a perfect fit for a mobile audience who often half-watches videos while killing time or driving to work.” -From the film distribution article. Really… driving to work?!

    I’m very glad CNN is taking such a strong initiative to 1. charge for their application and 2. add multiple layers to their applications, including the ability for user uploads.

    Also, the paper prototype articles were very helpful and I already bookmarked the UIE site.

    I read Fred Wilson’s blog daily, and I am glad you linked to the Urban Architects piece. I specifically saved that one for all of the exciting possibility that is happening in the mobile & urban life world.

  4. Keri Morgan says:

    Glad CNN is progressing with Mobile direction, hopefully others will follow their footsteps. I also cannot believe the demographics with device usage. Very surprising! I wouldn’t have guessed the percents would fall that way.

  5. Ashley McHale says:

    I am very surprised to read about Hispanics use of mobile technologies. I guess it does make sence because many do leave family behind in other countries. I agree with the writer that more healthcare services should be performed by mobile devices. I would definatly like to that happen within the next 3 years.

  6. Alexander Zavala says:

    The article about the Starbucks payment system has so much potential for the future in the U.S. It reminds be about the history of credit cards which were first used to buy fuel for cross country drivers.

    Now here’s what I’m wondering: Will this system go the same way as credit cards and become an alternative payment system, or will this eventually merge with companies like Visa? Would it be easier for people to accept this technology if it were connected to an established payment system or will people accept it like they did PayPal?

    So many possibilities but this technology need to branch out if it wants to reach a critical mass of cultural acceptance. It’s only being used in a few stores in a few cities? Nowhere near enough. But now I wonder if this technology will spur mobile use or if advancing mobile use will use require this technology?

  7. Lisa Guillen says:

    The story about Hispanics using mobile technology was fascinating to me because I recently had a discussion about whether or not a certain races uses mobile technology more than others. After reading the article it really makes perfect sense as to why Hispanics would use mobile phones more. I think really the most interesting thing I took away from the article was that there was something called The Hispanic Institute and Mobile Future, who would have thought?

    After reading through these articles the thing that interested me the most was the film that was released via an iPhone app. I’m big into film so this caught my interest right away. I think it’s a really great idea the only problem with it is that there doesn’t seem to be any money flowing into it. Which could be a problem when trying to sign big name actors for these types of movies. But besides all that I think it’s pretty groundbreaking, I read film and television blogs/sites often and I had no idea this was going on. I think I’m going to actually download the app to my phone and see if I can sit through the film.

  8. Annie Pilon says:

    I thought the article about the movie being released via iPhone was very interesting. I had heard about this before, but it still seems very strange. I’m not sure if I could even watch a whole movie on my phone, and if I did, it would only be because I was on a bus or a train for a few hours and had no other way to watch a movie. So the thought of movies being released only on phones is not something I would get very excited about.

    I also thought the Starbucks app article was very intriguing. I don’t ever really go to Starbucks, but the app seems really innovative and something that we haven’t seen much in this country. Both of these articles reminded me a lot of what we learned about phones in Japan. It seems like certain companies are trying to embrace the more sophisticated technology, but it will be interesting to see if people embrace it.

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