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Don’t forget that the notetaking process ends on end-of-day Sunday!


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  1. Please don’t kick me if this is the wrong place, but I couldn’t find the appropriate assignment space for the 10 ideas on our observations.

    1) I’ve noticed people use their phones a lot while traveling from home to work or even just when walking around.
    2) Many people use it for music.
    3) The Pandora app seems to be a favorite. Maybe there can be some kind of collaboration/sync between Chicago Public Radio and Pandora.
    4) Since music is a big part of it (and we’re interested in radio on the phone), the noise problem needs to be addressed. When traveling on the train or walking in the Loop, hearing anything through your headphones is a real challenge. How does this affect talk-radio over music? Is it harder to listen to? I believe it is, because if you miss a few words of a radio broadcast, you might lose the discussion’s thread.
    5) Most people I saw playing around with their phones had iPhones. Next in line were BlackBerry users. Very few Google phone users and even less PalmPre.
    6) There is a need to improve app issues that deal with streaming. A broken connection can lead to user frustration, which can ultimately see the user not wanting to use a particular app anymore.
    7) Google maps or other geo-locational apps are widely used. It would be cool to have a geo-locator that would find Chicago Public Radio stories related to the neighborhood one is in.
    8) Many people don’t know that certain radio apps exist (like the NPR one). Need to find a way to promote an eventual Chicago Public Radio app.
    9) It would be cool to have a streaming of the radio broadcast and have a related photo gallery. Although pictures are very unusual for radio, this is something that could enhance the user-experience while on the bus or on the train.
    10) Another cool thing would be increase user interaction with Chicago Public Radio. A cool thing would be doing something on the lines of Posterous, where users upload their pictures and then the Chicago Public Radio staff can match those pictures to local stories.

  2. Derek Brown says:

    I’ll admit that I completely forgot about the assignment but here are somethings that I notice over the week.

    1. I see most people using their phones when waiting for the train or bus. Commutes tend to be a time when people are alone and looking for entertainment.

    2.On the Metra ride I sat by a woman that had both a blackberry and old school flip phone. She only talked on the flip phone and used the blackberry for text and email.

    3. This reminded me that the mobile web site needs to be able to be formatted to be compatible for all cell phone regardless of the screen size.

    4. Over the weekend with family I noticed that my cousin only brought her cell phone and not a camera on her vacation.

    5.On the commute this week a lot of people on cell phone on the el platforms.

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