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Scenes from a Commute: a photo blog documenting the daily commute from home to downtown through two photos: one for Inbound commuting and one for Outbound.


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  1. Deborah Fellinger says:

    I ate this, a blog chronicling adventures in foodstuff and attempts at cooking.

  2. Sticker Sightings: A photo blog of stickers around the city. Anything from graffiti to informational to bumper stickers are fair game.

  3. Tim Young says:

    I’m doing a blog about college football. I will talk about rankings, as compared to what I think they should be, top performances of the week, upcoming important games and so on.

  4. Last Night is a photo blog documenting whatever it is I did the other night. Could be from a bar to a concert to anything.

  5. Urban Reading:
    “is a physical discipline of French origin in which participants attempt to read in the most efficient way possible as if moving in an emergency situation, using skills such as jumping and climbing.”

    My blog of my adventures in reading, primarily books, in urban environments.

  6. Lisa Guillen says:

    a photo blog documenting the odd or interesting things I stumble upon on on campus at Columbia.

  7. Alex Zavala says:

    Ketchup is a Sin:

    A blog devoted to locations in the downtown area that serve Chicago Hot Dogs.

  8. A photo blog documenting sometimes normal, sometimes weird jobs in Chicago.

  9. Derek Brown says:

    11:11-Make a Wish:

    A blog that shows something interesting I see at 11:11a.m. and 11:11p.m.

  10. Ashley McHale says:

    Leo in the City, a photo blog following my dog Leo and his adventures in Chicago.

  11. Annie Pilon says:

    How Can You Wear That?: a photo blog of comically bad outfits.

  12. The good, the bad, the ugly, the odd and every other adjective. If my iPhone can capture it. It will show up here.

  13. Tim Young says:

    I think I did this wrong. Here is a repost for my college football blog.

  14. Keri Morgan says:

    I am doing ‘iSpot’ and spotting Apple products… If you are actually spotted around campus to wrap it into my job, you could receive a free apple tote bag if I spot you promoting apple around campus… but for this class I will take pictures off campus as well.

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